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ABOUT ROOTED Yoga & Wellness


Greetings! We are Travis and Kolbie Fletcher, a couple rooted in the Pacific Northwest. Opening our studio is our way of giving back to the community and sharing the rich lineage we've been fortunate to embrace. We began a consistent asana practice in 2010. Together, we successfully completed our initial 200-hour hatha teacher training in 2017. Since then, our journey has led us to further education in power/vinyasa training, Tantra, trauma-informed yoga, and positive psychology. Yoga, coupled with our eagerness to learn, has taken us on a global exploration.

After years of exploration, we've connected with a profound and knowledgeable tantra hatha lineage teacher with whom we continue to study. You'll find the influence of these methods woven into our practice and teachings. As perpetual students, our practice is founded on merging the physical and spiritual aspects because that's the heart of yoga. This integration involves body, mind, breath, meditation, self-awareness, and dedication in every practice.

Our aim is to instill an understanding and application of these elements in your lives. Beyond the confines of our humble studio, our vision extends, and we look forward to sharing yoga with you!

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