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A Private Approach to Yoga

At Rooted Yoga, we believe in the effectiveness of building a strong yoga practice that not only strengthens the physical body but also the mental and emotional well-being. Our studio has a holistic approach to yoga and focuses on understanding the physical, emotional, energetic, and healing aspects of yoga. We offer private yoga instruction, small group workshops, sauna and cold water immersion, breathing techniques, and meditation. Book your consult today to see what we offer and how it can improve your life. 

Hands on adjustments for correct alignment in yoga postures

Personalized Yoga Practice


At Rooted Yoga, we value the inherent goodness of humans and believe in the power of community and service. We provide personalized consultations to ensure we understand our clients and specialize in building personalized practices for individuals that include all aspects of yoga. Our studio offers a safe environment that fosters personal growth and encourages the mind/body/soul connection.


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220 E. Wellesley, Suite 102 Spokane, WA 99207

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