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yoga is a system to awaken clear seeing, of self and of the world.


We are passionate about learning & teaching. specializing in building personalized practices for individuals that include all aspects of yoga; meditation, breath work, energy healing, mantra, self-study, and any other tools you need on your journey. We know that yoga can be intimidating, but we provide a safe environment that fosters personal growth. you don't need yoga experience to discover your mind/body/soul connection, what you do need is dedication. this is your journey.

As our practice and training evolves so will our classes and offerings. our classes have a strong emphasis on energy, pranayama, meditation, and self-study. we are connecting to our roots/ dharmasoul's purpose, and offering an opportunity to reconnect to yours.


We want to hear from you; reach out for a free consultation to see what a personalized yoga practice can do for you.

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