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Namaste from Rooted Yoga

Just Breathe

MORE teacher Bios coming soon...



Kolbie ~ Let me take a minute to introduce myself. My husband Travis and I own and operate Rooted Yoga together. I believe its important to connect with those around you, especially in your community. This is one  reason we decided to open our yoga space.

We know there are many great studios to choose from, we truly hope you find the studio that will be a catalyst in your growth and on your journey. People often ask me how I got into yoga...I tell them yoga was always a part of me, but my husband first introduced me to hot yoga just 3 weeks after we met over 7.5 years ago. I was hooked. 


I completed my first 200 hour certified yoga training (Hatha) just a few years later. This was followed by another 200 hours in a variety of styles including Baptiste, yin, restorative and vinyasa. An additional 100 hours was granted for studies in Bali which lead to a variety of interpersonal breakthroughs. I've studied positive psychology in regards to yoga and continue to follow a path that brings more education and improved wellness not only to our students and teachers but our family and community. 

I offer one on one sessions which I value greatly. This was the way yoga was traditionally practiced, one teacher one student. There is so much more to yoga than postures and is a way of life it's being mindful off the mat and finding stillness within yourself to truly listen. I believe you are your best and most valuable teacher, but most of us need the support of a community to remind us of what we already know. That is why I teach yoga and why yoga changed my life. 




Mackenzi comes from the great Midwest in a small northern town called Gaylord, Michigan. That means she likes fudge a lot and is over large amounts of snow. She was introduced to yoga by her first teachers Daniell Spaulding and Joey French. A few months later she signed up for a 300 hour training in Canada studying Forrest yoga with Joey french and Charlie Pentlend. That same year found herself taking another 300 hour training at harmony yoga. There she studied with numerous  great teachers.

Kenzi's classes will always carry a portion of the Forrest mind set and sequencing. She believes the transitions are just as fun, if not more so, than the pose; she absolutely loves long holds.
Mackenzi holds a deep passion for education, you will never find her not learning something. Mackenzi has an open mind, an optimistic heart, and a desire to serve others. She will most likely make jokes in class, always looking to brighten someones day.

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