The Cosmic Workshop focuses on the current astrological sun season to help you fully embody and integrate its' energy into yoru own life.


•Gentle movement 

•Mudra & meditation 

•Discussion of planetary transits & themes

• Astrological Yoga Nidra 

•Energetic and vibrational healing 

•Sharing circle 

•Révérence Readings Auric Activation oil tailored to the season ($15 value)

•Experience the Alchemy of Sound with Beyond Sonic; Onbeyondsonic@gmail.com

Please bring your birth chart, a journal & something to write with. 

(If you need help with your chart, DM me for assistance.) 

Visualization of how and where planetary activity is triggering your own chart is incredibly helpful in making astrology feel both real and applicable.

Virgo is refinement, purity, & perfection - where does this energy live within you?

September 7th @ 6 - 8:00 PM

$35 Preregistration on MINDBODY  

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