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"When I first started coming to Rooted Yoga to work with Kolbie one on one, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect or hope to get out of it. I had very little experience with yoga and found Rooted through the referral of a friend when I was going through an unsteady time in my life. Kolbie warmly ushered me into the studio and into practicing yoga. She encouraged me as a whole being and supported me through teaching me about breathwork, meditation, teaching me how to incorporate awareness of my whole being in my life on and off the mat, all without judgment. I am thankful to know the doors are always open to me, that there is unending support and grace, and that I have been given tools and knowledge to grow in knowing myself more fully." Tara Davis

"I have been working with Travis for just over a year.  The reason I come back week after week is that I believe I am making progress.  And I like the direction that the practice is pulling me.  Travis is a gifted teacher.  I did not enter into this with a young, strong, flexible body.  Not to say that I am elderly, but many years of running and golf means that I often will wake up with aches and pains.  Travis is especially good with seeing what this body is capable of, and especially in the beginning, not pushing too hard as I learn.  He still challenges me, and expects me to work, but he understands how the progression should work.  As a student of yoga, I feel very fortunate to have Travis as a teacher." ~ Michael

"I was seeking guidance to deepen my yoga, breath and meditation practice. Kolbie takes the time to get to know you and determine your needs. She is intuitive, insightful and beyond knowledgeable in her craft. She offers a well rounded approach to mind, body and spiritual wellness. Get ready to dive deep into your soul and experience some serious growth in all aspects of your life. This self work is so rewarding and you will not regret investing in yourself." ~ Samantha

"I chose to practice with Travis because it’s like medicine and it takes me away from the daily grind we call life. I like working with Travis because he is so likeminded and positive it’s Awesome. He has created an amazing practice for me and keeps pushing me to go further then I ever thought possible. Travis is truly one of a kind and it’s nice to know someone cares about me and my life. Working on a practice that lets you feel things and make you feel uncomfortable at times its awesome it helps me cope with life."  ~ Ben

Having Kolbie, who has gone before me and done the work, help lead me back to myself through the power of my body's energetics has been the most humbling & exciting process. I have watched things not meant for me melt & wash away. my light & love expands on a daily basis. Thank you Kolbie & Travis for helping bring people back to themselves, the work you do is changing the world, one light at a time!!! ~ Chana Rose

"I was referred to Kolbie & Travis’s one-on-one work in summer of 2020 from my good friend who had starting working with Kolbie. I felt drawn to the idea of having a disciplined yoga practice and had been feeling like I wanted guidance on how to do some introspective work on myself, but truly went in not knowing what to expect. I finally booked a one-on-one with Kolbie I had no idea how much of a catalyst for positive change & growth in my life, my sessions would be." ~ Phoebe

"Kolbie led me through the One on One Personalized Practice at Rooted Yoga and to say that it was life-changing would not be an overstatement. 

I have been a practitioner for many years now and have been studying to become an instructor for the past two years. What I was lacking in my personal practice and in my motivation to get off (or rather back on ;)) my booty & become an instructor was found in my sessions with Kolbie. 

Kolbie taught me how to ground myself, how to use my inner fire to burn through the things that no longer served me, and how to harness my own inner discipline. She met me where I was at and showed me an incredible amount of love during this process. She was soft and compassionate, but was also able to show me tough love when I needed it which I think speaks volumes about her dedication to my personal practice. 

I left these sessions with personalized flows, book recommendations, websites to research on my own and so much more knowledge about my body; my practice, and my why. I was able to create a solid foundation with Kolbie. I now practice at home regularly, have healthier eating habits, and have been offered a job as an instructor. This woman has beautiful gifts to share and if you are willing to put in the effort and work with her I have no doubt that she can help you change your life for the better and help you walk your path of love and light."  ~ Michelle

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